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Bio-Tech Approval Decision Calendar:

Our FDA Approval Decisions Report; proprietary drug database offers an unmatched capability to track the drug pipeline of all U.S.- and Canadian-listed biotech or pharmaceutical companies (including US ADRs), resulting in original, insightful, unbiased, and actionable monthly reports.  Our FDA Approval Decisions Report is a comprehensive calendar of FDA decisions for New Drug Application (NDA) and Biologic License Application (BLA) fillings. There are two components to each report: a review of FDA decisions for the past month and a look ahead to the following three months, including a breakdown of applications by sector, illness/condition and financial information on the companies involved.  Using our proprietary drug database which tracks the pipeline of every U.S. traded Biotech/Pharmaceutical company, Our analysts are able to continuously monitor the regulatory status of all drug candidates; the result of this unmatched tracking capability is why our FDA Approval Decision Report provides one of the most comprehensive and accurate event calendars for PDUFA dates (Prescription Drug User Fee Act)-expected FDA approval dates for NDA/BLA filed drugs. In particular, this report identifies Biotech/Pharmaceutical companies with expected FDA approvals in the next 3 months and reviews all FDA approval decisions in the current month. Furthermore, the report also analyzes each drug candidate's likelihood of approval and competitive landscape using 3 criteria derived from patented classification system: (1) Utilization of a mechanism of action previously approved by the FDA, (2) Facing two or fewer alternative drugs with the same mechanism of action for the same indication, and (3) would be the first or second FDA approved drug for the company. Original, unbiased, insightful and actionable, the our FDA Approval Decision Report is an indispensable tool for successful Biotech/Pharmaceutical investing.  Save Here with Our FDA Reports.  Save as much as $50.00 when you buy this report!  We Trade News for Safer Profits!

Our bio-tech trading reports and subscription services are complied and designed for Bio Tech, Options, and Forex Traders!  Pip Gainers compiles its reports and subscription service for Bio-Tech, Options and Forex traders, brokers, dealer, money managers, hedge fund managers, investment advisors and investment bankers! You can make trades with our seasoned traders, making entries and exits like large money center banks. Our trader reports and subscription services can allow you to take control of your trades to maximize your trading Success!  No More Trading Blind in this Mixed Up, Manipulated Market!  With our reports and subscriptions you will be able to make planned, relaxed and predictable trades which will result in safer trades with explosive returns!    We Give You The Trade!   We Give You the What, When and How to Enter the Trade!  We are sure if you follow our report or subscription, Follow Our #1 Rule of Watching for Volume as Your #1 Indicator to Entering a Trade, You Will Increase Your Successful Trades as Much as 50% With Little Effort. 

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View Our Sample Bio-Tech Report: Our FDA bio-tech trading report is complied and designed for Bio Tech Traders!  Pip Gainers is not a research company which sells bio-tech reports then issues a disclaimer stating we does not offer broker / dealer, money management, hedge fund management, investment advisory, or investment banking services. We compile our information for bio-tech traders, brokers / dealer, money management, hedge fund management, investment advisory and investment banking services!  Here We Give You The Trade!  

  • FDA Approval Decisions Report for Nov, 2006 - PDF -View Sample Report » View Sample Report »   We Trade News for Safer Profits!

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