Despite the recession that has gripped many nations all over the world, one market has remained strong and is still considered as a very lucrative market – Forex trading. Trillions are traded each and every day, which is why it is no surprise that many have chosen to try their hands in Forex trading.

There are two ways to undergo Forex trading. There is, of course, the traditional method. You choose a brokerage firm and you open an account with them. You then deposit money and start trading. You set your own trading schedule and you stay glued on your computer screen during the chosen time. You watch price action on your charts and try to make your best prediction of where price is going to go, then you trade.

Now the second way of undergoing Forex trading is a whole lot simpler and easier. It involves what is known as Forex robots. Forex robots are also known as Expert Advisors. Expert Advisors are programs that are attached and run on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platform. In a nutshell, a Forex robot automates the tasks that a manual Forex trader does. They gather data, analyze them, and if you choose to do so, open trades automatically and close them as the Forex robot sees fit. In short, a Forex robot trades for you.

Why should you bother with Forex Robots

There are many benefits in using a Forex robot, and here are just some of the few:

1) 100% Autopilot – most of the Forex robots that are offered in the market are 100% handsfree. This means that there is very minimal user intervention needed, usually when setting up the Forex robot for the first time. After that, you can just leave it alone and it will do everything for you. You can simply come back to check on your progress. This means that you don’t need to stay in front of your computer the whole day! While the Forex robot is trading, you can go and do other activities.

2) Removes the repetitive tasks away from the user – if you dabbled on Forex trading using the traditional method, you would know what we are talking about. Number crunching, data analysis, comparisons – these are just some of the few tasks that a traded must do over and over again. These tasks can be done by the Forex robot. And it could probably do it a whole lot better. It is able to do billions of calculations and analyze enormous amounts of data and still remain accurate. That’s because these Forex robots are run on computers and we know just how fast computers nowadays are.

3) Emotionless – Greed and Fear. We know how crippling these emotions are when you are trading. Fortunately, these emotions are not found on Forex robots. They are not greedy that they would tend to push a winning trade to win more. Forex robots are designed to go in, get out. The same goes with Fear. If the conditions are met, Forex robots do not hesitate to enter a trade. They immediately do so when the timing is right and the signals are triggered.

4) Can go on and on without rest – Since Forex robots are programs, they don’t need to eat, sleep or even take a bit of rest. They can go on trading 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. This means you don’t miss any opportunities for a quick profit because you had to sleep. Now, there’s no need to stay awake all night trying to make trades – the Forex robot will do it for you.

5) Minimal knowledge requirement – Unlike in the traditional way of Forex trading wherein you need to have in-depth knowledge about the market, the same doesn’t hold true for Forex robots. Because the algorithms and instructions are already built inside these Forex robots, there is no need to have advanced knowledge about programming as well as trading. Most Forex robots are shipped as install files – you just need to install them on MetaTrader and turn it on.

These are just a few of the many benefits one could accrue when using Forex robots. You can clearly see why using Forex robots appeal to the many who want to make a profit or two in Forex trading. Next section, we will be looking at a list of Forex robots in the market.

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Forex Robots in the Market
You must be warned – there are tons of Forex robots in the market. And more are being released every day. Here is a partial list of Forex Robots that are found all over the Web:

This might get you into thinking that with the number of Forex robots in the market, chances are, many of them works, right? Well, that’s the bad news – list 20 Forex robots and chances are, 19 out of those 20 Forex robots are fakes. That’s right. Many Forex robots released in the market DO NOT WORK. Sure, you might see it trade every now and then and possibly give you a small bit of profit. But sooner or later, you will find your account in ruins and wonder what happened. Trust me – I have been there…a few times. You see, many of these Forex robots are complete scams. They prey on people who have very little knowledge about Forex robots. They tell people that their Forex robots work and that it would give you 5-digit profits in just a single month. All of these are just plain hype. So how do you tell which one works and which one doesn’t? This is where we come in.

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Where we come in

Look around the Web and try to search for “review sites” about Forex robots. Most probably, you’d be bombarded with links for what they think is the “Top 3” or “Top 5” Forex robots. We don’t do that junk here. We are not here to showcase the “Top ___” Forex robots. We are here to find out what really works. We are here to look for the Forex robot that you can really invest on. And when we find that Forex robot, we will surely share it with you.

So far, based on our extensive research, there is only ONE Forex robot that works. That’s right. We have tested most of these hyped-up Forex robots with REAL MONEY – not just demo accounts – and found that only one was able to meet our expectations. And we have found one that we can confidently recommend. And that Forex robot is Forex Crescendo. If you want to read more about Forex Crescendo and our findings, simply click at the link below.

See our REAL Cash Results with Forex Crescendo

That’s right, we have tested Forex Crescendo with our real money. And the results are conclusive. Coming in at a close second is FAP Turbo. While FAP Turbo did work and we were able to see good results, it was too up and down, or in trading terms, it was too volatile. And if a Forex robot is too volatile, we are not willing to invest large amounts of money in it. And so, despite being in second place, the volatility of FAP Turbo turns us off. Again, in terms of recommendation, we can only give you Forex Crescendo.

Final Words on Forex Robots

Now, we know that you may not have the capability to try out each and every new Forex robot in the market using real cash. Why not let us do it for you? Simply join our newsletter and we will be giving you updates on the latest Forex robots that is released in the market. We guarantee you that the tests that we do involves real cash. We test it ourselves and we will present to you FACTUAL information. That’s right – no hypes, no marketing gimmicks, just plain facts. Facts that will help you and guide you in choosing what you think is the best Forex robot for you. If in case you have any questions you’d want to ask us, feel free to do so! You can use our contact form and rest assured we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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