Trading Information:  Knowing how to enter and exit a trade is key.  Here we will walk you through a series of trades. A picture is worth a thousand words but several pictures and PDF's are worth several thousand words but in this case several thousands of dollars in just a couple Bio Tech Trades. 
We Give You the Information and We give You the Trade!   Pip Gainers  

THE CHART BELOW ILLUSTRATES WHY WE TRADE BIO-TECH AND OTHER FORMS OF INFORMATION!  Below is a chart which shows a 500% stock price increase from one of our FDA trades.  This chart highlights the PDF trading slips shown above which clearly illustrates we netted 10X over our initial investment within 2 days.  This chart also show approximately 1 month later you could have netted another 400% selling the stock short by purchasing put options and netted another Hugh return.

View Our Sample Bio-Tech Report: 
Our FDA bio-tech trading report is complied and designed for Bio Tech Traders!  Pip Gainers is not a research company which sells bio-tech reports then issues a disclaimer stating we does not offer broker / dealer, money management, hedge fund management, investment advisory, or investment banking services. We compile our information for bio-tech traders, brokers / dealer, money management, hedge fund management, investment advisory and investment banking services!  Here We Give You The Trade!  

  • FDA Approval Decisions Report for Nov, 2006 - PDF - View Sample Report »   We Trade News for Safer Profits!

LOOKING FOR THE CROWD: Below is a chart which shows the same company shown above, (DNDN) but 2 years later, which we also Netted a Hugh Return!  The importance of this chart is to illustrate the proper entry into the trade which we called, "LOOKING FOR THE CROWD."  If you notice the normal daily volume was about 4-8 million shares traded per day.  On 4/3/09 we noticed a PUSH in volume of nearly triple it's normal volume to 20+ million shares traded.  That PUSH nearly doubled the stock price and this was our indicator to execute our entry strategy.  We scouted a entry at the 20 CALL strike where we knew we could leverage a tremendous position.  5 days later and another PUSH higher in volume sees the stock explode higher by 400%.  Another key point to note on this chart is the very large spike downward which actually happened on this news release date, more times than not you will see a stock spike down and stay down after this earnings release, FDA results or other forms of news.  Good news or bad news seems to have little effect to stop the inevitable stock drop!  We actually had this stock covered to the down side with puts and had an opportunity to lick our lip in anticipation of netting a Hugh put side return before they reversed the downside pop lower and reopened the stock at or near the previously traded price, in fact killing both the put and call side options.  That "OPTION DEFLATING," is something we have been seeing alot of lately.  The market maker will swipswipe the option premiums on both the call and put side options taking both sides of the trade, from the "JOHNNY COME LATE TO THE PARTY TRADERS" and from the PIGS.  The key to successful trading is KNOWING THE TRADE!  Learn to camp, know where the trades are going to be, wait for your entry, capture your profits, and leave before the party ends!  Taking your Profits! 

Preparing Your Entry Strategy: Below is a option chart on 4/3/09 when we noticed "THE CROWD" entering their positions.  Please note over 22 million active trades were placed that day.  Some call the crowd the smart money because no one wants to be the ONLY PERSON IN A TRADE.  Please note the highlighted area illustrating the 20 STRIKE CALL options.  We were able to get filled at .55 cents or $55.00 per contract, where we purchased 200 contracts for $11,000.00.

Preparing Your Exit Strategy: Below is a option chart on 4/14/09.  Noticed "THE CROWD" as they re-enter their positions.  Again, some call the crowd the smart money, no one wants to be the LAST PERSON TO A TRADE, BUT AT THIS POINT THESE TRADER ARE NOT THE SMART MONEY, THEY ARE BECOMING THE PROFIT CENTER FOR THE EARLY BIRD SMART TRADERS.  Please note 65 million trades which is nearly 10X over it's normal daily volume has entered the trade on this day.  Also note the highlighted area illustrating our 20 STRIKE CALL options! were we actually sold "TOOK OUR PROFITS AND RAN."  We were able to get filled at $2.59cents or $259.00 per contract, for our 200 contracts; at approximately $51,000.00.  We netted 5X beyond our investment within 1 week.

Preparing Your Exit Strategy:  After the news results.  Please note the highlighted area illustrating the 20 STRIKE CALL options at $3.75cents or $375.00 per contract, we could have sold our 200 contracts for $75,000.00 instead of 51,000.00 over our investment of 11,000.00.  But just as the chart illustrated we could have lost our entire call side position if we stayed in the trade and they left the stock lower as shown in the chart.  REMEMBER: BULLS MAKE MONEY, BEARS MAKE MONEY, PIGS GET SLAUGHTER, BUT SOMETIMES PIGS GET LUCKY! 

Good Luck; From the Staff at Pip Gainers. 





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6) Managing Information: 

Their's no magic bullet to managing information; other than what Jim Cramer on Madd Money would term, "Buy and Homework." Yes Buy and Homework, Not Buy and Hold.  Managing information is simple; locate, study, and research news on a company and find a way to trade it!  Visit Yahoo Finance  or MSN Money type in the ticker symbol and read!  Find out every thing possible on the company to when, why, what and how; study the past and future issues of pops and drops.  We make it easy for you because we sell the information of what, who, and when to trade!  Pip Gainers. Com    

Review the chart!  Use your free brokerage account to review news dates to the stock chart.  Review how the stock moved going into the news dates, review volume, price points and trading patterns.  These are sure fire way to see how the company reacts or has reacted to news events. If you are LOOKING TO ENTER A TRADE; monitor any new news on the company, develop your plan of action, develop a entry and exit strategy and wait for the crowd to show up.  Getting in early, can be best, but remember you will not make much money if your the only person in a party!  

Do not be fearful of your well planned trade!  We trade information and we give you trades which WILL/ MORE TIMES THAN NOT; "LEARN TO TRADE WHERE A CROWD DEVELOPS!"  The key is knowing what to look for, develop a plan of action and waiting for a good entry.  As good trades elapse going into the history books, like (C) or (F), the crowd moves on to the next trade where you could be waiting! View Sample Report » View Sample Report »  This is how we trade!  We have a proven and successful trading ratios of 69%.  The team on Fast Money has a consistent statement of, "Buy the Dips and Sell the Rips!"  For our trading applications this would mean, buy prior to the news event and sell prior to the full impact of the CROWD. You would BUY and as the crowd POOLS, as the stock price moves higher and you would SELL as the stock reaches the tipping point!  PERIOD!  Remember, Jim Cramers; Madd Moneys Slogan, "Bears make money, Bulls make money, Pigs get Slaughtered!"  The important part of that statement is, "Pigs get Slaughtered," Meaning, hanging out in a trade TOO LONG, CAN and WILL LOSE YOUR PROFITS. A good buying opportunity today, can be a good short selling opportunity tomorrow.  


Staying in Too Long Waiting for the Earning Report, News Release, or FDA Decision in an effort to capture the entire market move is a proven strategy to lose money!  More time than not the market will swing capturing the losing trades and taking the pigs money as well.  The pig was right prior to the reversal but due to fast market conditions the market will swing against the investor who has over stayed his welcome. 

Our advice camp out a position, look for a entry, capture the best gains, leave with your profits!  This strategy has netted us over 1000% percent or capturing profits 10X beyond our initial investment as we will show-you next!  Learn how to trade information!      

View Our Sample Bio-Tech Report: Our FDA bio-tech trading report is complied and designed for Bio Tech Traders!  Pip Gainers is not a research company which sells bio-tech reports then issues a disclaimer stating we does not offer broker / dealer, money management, hedge fund management, investment advisory, or investment banking services. We compile our information for bio-tech traders, brokers / dealer, money management, hedge fund management, investment advisory and investment banking services!  Here We Give You The Trade!  

  • FDA Approval Decisions Report for Nov, 2006 - PDF - View Sample Report »   We Trade News for Safer Profits!

Our FDA Approval Decisions Report; proprietary drug database offers an unmatched capability to track the drug pipeline of all U.S.- and Canadian-listed biotech or pharmaceutical companies (including US ADRs), resulting in original, insightful, unbiased, and actionable monthly reports.  Our FDA Approval Decisions Report is a comprehensive calendar of FDA decisions for New Drug Application (NDA) and Biologic License Application (BLA) fillings. There are two components to each report: a review of FDA decisions for the past month and a look ahead to the following three months, including a breakdown of applications by sector, illness/condition and financial information on the companies involved.  Using our proprietary drug database which tracks the pipeline of every U.S. traded Biotech/Pharmaceutical company, Our analysts are able to continuously monitor the regulatory status of all drug candidates; the result of this unmatched tracking capability is why our FDA Approval Decision Report provides one of the most comprehensive and accurate event calendars for PDUFA dates (Prescription Drug User Fee Act)-expected FDA approval dates for NDA/BLA filed drugs. In particular, this report identifies Biotech/Pharmaceutical companies with expected FDA approvals in the next 3 months and reviews all FDA approval decisions in the current month. Furthermore, the report also analyzes each drug candidate's likelihood of approval and competitive landscape using 3 criteria derived from patented classification system: (1) Utilization of a mechanism of action previously approved by the FDA, (2) Facing two or fewer alternative drugs with the same mechanism of action for the same indication, and (3) would be the first or second FDA approved drug for the company. Original, unbiased, insightful and actionable, the our FDA Approval Decision Report is an indispensable tool for successful Biotech/Pharmaceutical investing.  Save and Earn Profits Here with Our FDA Reports.  Save as much as $50.00 here, when you buy this report!


Obtaining Information:
  We Give You the Trade; Options, Currencies and Bio Tech. Make trades with our seasoned traders and the trading network we subscribe to. You can trade behind our network of Day Traders; trading, support, resistance, retracements, or you can trade behind our Momentum Traders making entries and exits like large money center bank, leaving the trade after capturing the entire trend. Join where thousands of traders have joined and see why Pip Gainers is Voted #1 Trading Strategy Alerts.  We find the best trades within our network of traders; some we also subscribe to and we will forward all trading alerts to you.  As a Information Brokerage we pride ourselves in locating the BEST POSSIBLE NEWS INFORMATION and forwarding it to you!  Our analysis not only will locate and forward great economic news but we will also provide in site on how to trade it!


Studying the Charts: The truth can be found in the chart!  If your trading FOREX; learning how the pair trades can be found by reviewing the history of the chart.  Studying the chart WILL SHOW more probable break out times, flat line times, highs, lows, relative strength periods, break out times and predicted reversals. Studying the chart for the FDA trade is as simple as looking for the crowd. To make a good FDA Trade DEVELOP a preset strategy, for entry and exit.  As soon as the crowd shows up; execute your strategy, Monitor your exit strategy; TAKE PROFITS WHEN YOU FEEL THE NEED!   PERIOD!   

If you knew Ford (F) was going to trade at $1.00 then Bounce to $6.00 within 45 Days, which is a 600% move upward in stock price, I'm sure you would have sold your home, car, jewelry, not paid your bills and put every dollar you owned into the trade which you knew would net 600% over your investment within 45 days.  A 600% increase in stock price is a Hugh Life Changing Investment! 

What is a 600% dollar price increase?  $10,000 to $60,000/  $60,000 to $360.000/ $360,000 to $2.16 million.  Pip Gainers sells and trade information!  PERIOD!   I'm sure your upset you missed a double, triple, quadruple or 6x over your investment trade with (F) (C)  or (DNDN), but don't miss the next trade!  


The third step to becoming a successful trader is; Practice!

1) Practice trade every thing, all day, all night, all morning, every time you get a chance.  BE HONEST with your trades, trade your practice trades as if you are trading real money!  DO NOT CHEAT TRADE, TRADE LIKE YOUR ARE TRADING REAL MONEY! Mastery of the Equity Markets Has Been Proven to Provide Great Wealth.  Take your practice trades serious, learn and grow rich.


The second step to becoming a successful trader is obtaining and mastering the Art of "Free On-Line Education." Remember: Step #1,  IS MOST IMPORTANT. OPEN A FREE BROKERAGE ACCOUNT!

1) Free On-Line Education: Start watching and learning from ALL your brokers free on-line trading videos!  Start studying their FREE on-line tutorial library; until you get a firm grasp of their trading platform.

2) Start Watching Market TV:  Yes we said it, we recommend you to watch TV.  We have found the TV shows such as Madd Money, Fast Money, CNBC, MSN, and Bloomberg has a positive impact on the new trader education level.  We understand this is a great way to obtain knowledge of the equity markets, because you will gain hand on experience and knowledge by following the charts, perform your own homework and analysis based on the information provided from the commentary of he shows.  We recommend you watch these shows and networks during the US trading hours of 9:30 - 4pm and after hours during the late night time period to gain in site on the worldwide markets when those markets are trading.  For world market hours please follow this link; These are very simple ideas which we know will work, and is a must for the beginner trader.  We believe within 90 days you will have a great basic knowledge of the equity markets, market terminology, ticker symbols like (F) (C) (GM) CME) (GS) (FLSR) DNDN) (BIIB) (OHI) (QQQQ) (SPY) (NASQ) to name a few, and a general knowledge of trade executions.  Which is more than enough to execute your first trade of stocks, options, or Forex, which could make you some money and jump start you new career.  

3) You Tube Trading Videos: We have found a very fast way to obtain ANY INFORMATION IMAGINABLE is to ask your goggle search engine!  If you have a few more question regarding, "how to trade using MOV AVG BANDS," or "What are Bollenger Bands," ask You Tube or Google Search.  Start watching the video clips and reading articels and start learning.  Remember, You Tube, Googol, MSN, and Yahoo Money, will get you an answer to your question.
4) articles Search your trading ideas, Same as the above statement, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, read everything, ask your questions in the You Tube and watch the free videos until you UNDERSTAND your search topic.  take the information practice it on your practice charts in your free brokerage account mastering your search topic.


The first step in becoming a successful trader is opening your brokerage account.
  Opening a on-line brokerage account is Absolutely FREE!  Avoid ANY brokerage account which charges sign up fees, or attempts to screen new applicants by purposes of credit.   One important fact to remember is; trading options, trading stocks, selling or buying currencies or futures has absolutely nothing to do with a having good credit, or paying a sign up fee, so please avoid brokerage accounts which will attempt to screen clients by credit or one which charges up front fees.  Brokerage accounts are in free, so please avoid a company which may attempt to charge you for becoming a member.

We suggest three brokerage firms to open your trading account.  I'm sure their are other good brokers to use for various reasons; we only refer these 3 firms because from our direct experience we have found these companies to offer very good trading accounts with a great level of support.   

1) If you are looking to trade the FOREX Market ONLY, is a great company to work with.  They have great trading platform with fast execution and numerous client features in place to help their traders. is free to join easy to establish.  We feel they are a good fit for most New Forex Traders.

2) Options express is a great company if you are looking to trade OPTIONS, STOCKS, AND FUTURE.  Currently lacks the ability to trade FOREX CURRENCIES.  Options express has a very simple to use and easy to understand on-line trading platform.  We have found new traders have very little trouble trading stock and options with the options express platform. 

3) Think or swim is in my opinion the best trading platform on the market.  Period!  You can trade Futures, Forex, Stocks, Options all over the world 24 hours 5 days a week!  Their one draw back is the think or swim platform is a little complicated for most new traders.  Think or swim has incorporated everything conceivable for traders into their platform for all their clients, either FOREX, STOCKS, OPTIONS AND FUTURES, and it shows.  Comparing the think or swim platform with options express or Forex dot com is like comparing  a single engine airplane to a fighter jet, to a 747, all of which are considerable different.  If you want to start a new career or learn to trade you must be willing to spend time looking at on-line tutorials and learning the tradeing platform.  The think or swim platform will take a tad bit more learning, but we feel it will be worth the extra learning time.      

FANTASTIC TRADING OPPORTUNITIES which has NETTED 300% RETURNS IN A MATTER OF DAYS OR WEEKS.  Yes 300% in a matter of days, Imagine you purchased $10,000.00 of Ford stock (F) at $2.00 or $20,000.00 of Citi Stock (C) and within a few days or a couple weeks your investment is up 300%.  These are the trades you can execute yourself if you take the time to open a FREE brokerage account and spent a few hours navigating around the platform!  With a little self education, a little time, the willingness to learn the platform, you can perform the execute the same task as an expensive series 7 banker or broker!  FOR FREE! 

One of the wealthiest stock and option investors portrayed by Will Smith in the "Pursuit of Happiness," worked his way out of poverty living in homeless shelters and was able to obtain great wealth by means of the Equity Trading Markets.  Someone may lose their job, someone may need more money for life needs, but one thing is for sure; the global equity market system will trade tomorrow and you will be able to earn and take money 5 days per week!  This is an Opportunity For You!  

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