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BiotechTrader.info was founded by Matt Cohen and Victor Williams in early 2009. Both Matt Cohen and Victor Williams who had historically made some of their best trades in the healthcare/biotech sector, both decided to join up to share their knowledge and expertise about the sector with other investors. 

Matt Cohen launched BiotechTrader.info after he saw an opportunity to cover the sector like never before. A seasoned real estate investor, stock trader and entrepreneur, Matt’s background in media, writing, marketing and sales has allowed him to lead and establish various companies online. He resides in West Bloomfield and his passion is tracking the latest advances in biotechnology- which gives him "great hope and promise" for the future of mankind. He is a constant student of the market who believes that the biotech sector is completely unique and dynamic sector- where everything from research to financial models and the rules for market analysis from other sectors just don't apply. He has guided Biotech Trader into a leading publication that helps investors realize the potential of this revolution in finance and science, while shining the spotlight on companies that are attempting to change our lives in so many ways. Biotech Trader.info is the news portal which covers Wall Street's biomedical sector and delivers financial and investment intelligence to a community of highly informed investors has Healthcare stock news and updates to its calendar database of Clinical Trials and upcoming FDA approvals & decisions.

Content from this website is syndicated througout the world via various news wires and syndicating partners including Market Wire, Financial Content Services, and others. Publishers interested in re-publishing our content may do so free of licence fees and royalties by contacting us or via post at our offices, located in Troy Michigan:

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